About us

Primula Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
Before Primula was established in 1991, we operated our business license using my name for 10 years awarded by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

Our main packages are Umrah and Haj. Every year, Primula brings about 500-600 Umrah and Haj pilgrims. Up till today, Primula Travel has brought approximately 12 thousand pilgrims. Malaysian pilgrims are among the most that follows Primula Travel every year, many of whom are professionals .

Besides Umrah and Haj, we also organise tour packages to popular world destinations like Indonesia, India, Middle East, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia and Europe.

Primula also organises what we call Umrah Plus, which includes destinations like Turkey, Middle East which includes Baitul Maqdis, Syria, Egypt (Jejak Rasul), among others.

All praise to the Almighty, most of our customers are pleased, thankful and satisfied with Primula Travel & Tours Pte Ltd. We hope that you will continue to engage us in your future pilgrimage and/or holidays.